10 Business Headshot Tips For The Perfect Headshot

Are you looking to level-up in your career? Make your portfolio stand out from the sea of sameness? A perfect business headshot may just be what you need.

Don’t let your dusty profile photo stand in the way of a new job, a promotion or a new contract. It’s time to book that business headshot session! Don’t know where to start and what to do? Here are 10 tips to help you start the ball rolling.

1.Get a professional photographer

Getting the right photographer for your needs is essential. If you’re having a big event like a wedding, it requires a certain level of expertise to take wonderfully timed photographs. This goes true for business headshots as well. Business headshots are taken in a controlled scenario and not a lot of movements are involved, but the direction of the session as well as the products of the shoot largely depend on how professional and experienced your headshot photographer is.

An amazing and professional business headshot photographer will make you feel relaxed during your session. This will allow you to focus on projecting your best self into the camera and highlighting your best features. 

2.Get enough sleep

Try to get 7 to 8 hours of sleep a few days before your headshot session to minimize the lines under your eyes. Getting enough rest will also make you happier and more energetic during your session so you can take directions well.


Drinking lots of water will make sure your skin is plump and looking healthy during the shoot. Dehydration will cause your skin to dry out that doesn’t translate well on photos.

4.Stay away from new skincare products or regimens

You would have to take a rain check on that new skincare product you’ve been wanting to try until after the session is done. Trying out new products may increase the chances of allergic reactions and we absolutely don’t want your session to be ruined by that!

5.Choose the right clothes and accessories

The clothes and accessories you wear during the shoot reflect a lot of messages. Make sure to wear only clothes that you are comfortable in, otherwise, it will be difficult to relax during the session. Also, keep in mind that a well-ironed and crisp suit looks so much better and speaks “professional” than a wrinkled one.

6.Conceptualize the look and feel of your photos

A key step in making sure your headshot session is productive is planning for it beforehand. Look up pegs and styles of poses that you may want to recreate. Talk to your photographer about how you want the photos to look like. Discuss the poses, the backgrounds and the angles that you are most comfortable with. It also helps if you talk about who the target audience of the headshots will and the purpose of having the session done.

7.Practice in front of a mirror

Practising in front of a mirror gives you a taste of how it’s going to feel like during the session. If you practice, you get an idea of how it feels if you’re giving a natural smile versus a fake and forced smile. No one knows better yourself than you, and what better way of knowing what you’re capable of doing than by practising beforehand.

8.Have the right hair and make-up

A simple most basic tip when it comes to hair and make-up is this: don’t overdo it. The highlight of the business headshot is you, everything else should be lifting you up and not overpowering you. If it fits within your budget, you can get a professional hair and make-up artist and let them know that the purpose is for headshots. If you want to do it on your own, we go back to tip #7, practice beforehand.

9.Bring a friend to cheer you on

If you don’t have any experience of being photographed, it can be a nerve-wracking ordeal. Bringing a friend to cheer you on might help to make you feel more relaxed amidst all the professional photo and lighting equipment pointed towards you. They can also help you spot if there are any areas that need to be corrected.

10.Relax and have fun!

Business headshot sessions, as nerve-wracking they can be sometimes, are supposed to be fun! They’re meant to showcase your strengths, highlight your level of expertise and make you stand a notch above the usual crowd. Instead of being so nervous about it, try to relax and have fun while doing it. If you’re comfortable and relaxed, your smile becomes a little sweeter and your confidence goes way off the charts.

Book that session now and get ready to level-up in your career!