How African Photography Can Help Improve Your Mental Health

All of us take care of our psychological and emotional struggles at one point or another in our lives. Whether it’s stress and anxiety from work, situational clinical depression or anxiety, or mental illness, it helps to take time to refocus and also acquire perspective. One way that you can use might be right in your pocket attached to your phone as your camera.

It has been shown time after time that creativity and art therapy are valuable tools for emotional health. Photography is one such tool that you can utilize without going to art college or being professionally trained. Modern technology offers easy-to-use alternatives including a range of automatic settings on point-and-shoot electronic cameras, a digital single-lens response cam, and also even camera phones

Now anyone can take images and by taking a photo, you are taking a minute to stop and consider your environment through a new lens. You can visit different places like in African Safari Photo Tours. This moment can be the minute that changes your day from an adverse to a positive or at least provides you with a momentary distraction as well as contentment.


Look all around you, anywhere you might be, from your bedroom to your workplace to a train terminal. Check around and as you notice the important things around you and acknowledge the soft orange light of sundown coming through the blinds, twisted black and white cables snaking throughout the flooring. It might appear unremarkable, however, this is a good way to begin seeing art in normal everyday scenarios.

Explore your environment with your camera or phone. This can be a stroll around your home, your neighbourhood, or the block around your office at lunch. Notification and also capture the small things like a dew on a leaf, cracks on a sidewalk, or chipped paint on a fire hydrant.

Consider your friends and family when taking photos and include them in raising awareness that photography can help assist any mental health issues.


This one might seem counterproductive, however by concentrating on what you hear and also smell, you can discover new inspirations for your next project. All around you is a fragrant flower, buzzing, or a kid playing distance.

The concept of photography is to assist us to have a good life instead of being an excellent professional photographer. Know your real purpose.


If you really feel stuck or stressed, place your video camera aside as well as concentrate solely on breathing for 10 secs, then look around as well as start once again from a fresh and also balanced area. You might see points that you missed just minutes before.

By grabbing a camera as well as making use of any type of or every one of these easy devices as well as strategies, you are not just being present as well as imaginative, yet you are in fact exercising mindfulness, which decreases stress and anxiety and also assists leave you well balanced and all set to take on the remainder of your day.