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How African Photography Can Help Improve Your Mental Health

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All of us take care of our psychological and emotional struggles at one point or another in our lives. Whether it’s stress and anxiety from work, situational clinical depression or anxiety, or mental illness, it helps to take time to refocus and also acquire perspective. One way that you can use might be right in your pocket attached to your phone as your camera.

It has been shown time after time that creativity and art therapy are valuable tools for emotional health. Photography is one such tool that you can utilize without going to art college or being professionally trained. Modern technology offers easy-to-use alternatives including a range of automatic settings on point-and-shoot electronic cameras, a digital single-lens response cam, and also even camera phones

Now anyone can take images and by taking a photo, you are taking a minute to stop and consider your environment through a new lens. You can visit different places like in African Safari Photo Tours. This moment can be the minute that changes your day from an adverse to a positive or at least provides you with a momentary distraction as well as contentment.


Look all around you, anywhere you might be, from your bedroom to your workplace to a train terminal. Check around and as you notice the important things around you and acknowledge the soft orange light of sundown coming through the blinds, twisted black and white cables snaking throughout the flooring. It might appear unremarkable, however, this is a good way to begin seeing art in normal everyday scenarios.

Explore your environment with your camera or phone. This can be a stroll around your home, your neighbourhood, or the block around your office at lunch. Notification and also capture the small things like a dew on a leaf, cracks on a sidewalk, or chipped paint on a fire hydrant.

Consider your friends and family when taking photos and include them in raising awareness that photography can help assist any mental health issues.


This one might seem counterproductive, however by concentrating on what you hear and also smell, you can discover new inspirations for your next project. All around you is a fragrant flower, buzzing, or a kid playing distance.

The concept of photography is to assist us to have a good life instead of being an excellent professional photographer. Know your real purpose.


If you really feel stuck or stressed, place your video camera aside as well as concentrate solely on breathing for 10 secs, then look around as well as start once again from a fresh and also balanced area. You might see points that you missed just minutes before.

By grabbing a camera as well as making use of any type of or every one of these easy devices as well as strategies, you are not just being present as well as imaginative, yet you are in fact exercising mindfulness, which decreases stress and anxiety and also assists leave you well balanced and all set to take on the remainder of your day.

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7 Reasons Why You Need Engagement Photos

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Reasons Why an Engagement Photo Shoot is Important

What are Engagement Photos?

Planning a wedding is certainly overwhelming. You have to find the perfect venue, hire a handful of vendors, and purchase a stunning wedding dress and suit. And, on top of that, you have to do it all within a budget. 

Now, considering all the things you should do before finally tying the knot, there’s one more detail that you should think about – your engagement photos. Also known as your pre-wedding photos, couple photos, together photos, and many more, engagement photos are professionally taken photos with your chosen wedding photographer. They are taken a couple of months or weeks before your final day. 

Indeed, engagement photos are important and you can use them for a lot of things for your soon-to-be wedding day. But, they’re also easy to look over. So, if you’re wondering whether to have them taken and if the extra cost is worth it, we’re here to help! Here are 7 reasons why you need an engagement photoshoot. 

7 Reasons Why an Engagement Photo Shoot is Important

Reasons Why an Engagement Photo Shoot is Important

1. Practice makes perfect 

During their actual wedding day, many couples get anxious and nervous when they’re in front of the camera. They don’t know what to do and how to act, making the results not so pleasant. To avoid this from happening, it’s best to have a professional engagement photoshoot. It will give you a taste of what to expect for your big day. And, more importantly, it will help you be more relaxed and comfortable while having your photos taken.

Once you get an idea of how things work and how you’ll look at your engagement photos, you can feel more confident during your wedding. You can get rid of those camera nerves and you can expect stunning photos from your big day.

2. You can know your photographer better

When working with a photographer for the first time, it can be very awkward. Now, think about how you’ll feel with someone you don’t know and whom you’ve only met, taking pictures of you and telling you how to pose for the whole day during your wedding. Would you feel at ease? Would you feel comfortable?

Having your engagement photos taken before your big day is the perfect chance for you to get to know who will take your wedding photographs. This is the best opportunity for you to build a rapport and feel comfortable around your photographer. By knowing each other better, you will have an easier experience during the actual big day. Which can result in better photos as well!

3. You can see your overall look before your wedding

If you’re having a hard time imagining how your wedding pictures will look like or how you will appear during your big day, your engagement photos can help you see all these more clearly. Your engagement photos will give you a chance of what to expect for your wedding day.

During your engagement photoshoot, make sure to have your hairstylist and make-up artist there to present you with their planned look for your wedding day. And, you can see how this “look” will translate into photos. Then, you can easily make adjustments or requests if necessary to make sure you look your best on the day itself. 

4. You can use your engagement photos for your invitation cards

Your engagement photos are the best photos to use for your invitation or save-the-date cards. They will make them more personal and more interesting to look at. And, they can be a great way to share your joy to the people you love. Aside from that, you can also use them for many more pre-wedding details such as your website and guestbook. You can even use them as a presentation during your reception!

5. You can treat yourselves

Planning a wedding is certainly overwhelming. And, it can be pretty crazy. So, you can use your engagement photoshoot as a chance to escape and just have fun with the love of your life. Together, you can have a good time and look back on how you met and how far you’ve come without worrying about your wedding plans.

Reasons Why an Engagement Photo Shoot is Important

6. Your wedding photographer can learn how to better capture you

An engagement photoshoot not only gives you a chance to know your photographer but it is also the perfect moment where your photographer can learn more about you. By knowing you, your photographer can know how to work with you to make sure your experience is successful. And, he will know what shots to make and which angles best shows your features.

7. You will learn your likes and dislikes

During your engagement photoshoot, you will see what you like and don’t like. And, you can try the things you want to try. Maybe you’ve seen a great pose on Pinterest and would love to try that out. Or, perhaps you want your hair a certain way and have been dying to see how it would look on you. This is your perfect chance to try everything out – not on your wedding day.

Engagement Photos are a Memory

Since planning a wedding can put you both on edge, having your engagement photos taken during your planning stage can be a great escape. You can take this time to relax and look back on your relationship. And, more importantly, you can go back to what truly matters. Your wedding isn’t about the food, your venue, the dress, and the other things that stress you out. It’s about you two and your journey together. 

Engagement photos will tell your story and bring out the love you have for each other. And, it’s a great moment where you can create memories that you can keep before you finally tie the knot!

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Top 10 Mistakes Most People Make When Planning a Wedding

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Top 10 Mistakes Most People Make When Planning a Wedding

Are You Planning Your Wedding?

Planning for your dream wedding is certainly exhausting and stressful, especially when you decide to do it on your own. It’s like a blank canvass, clean and clear with nothing in it. And, it’s up to you to put color into it, to paint it with your vision. You have to think about where you and your partner want to get married, the style, theme, music, and everything else.

And, because planning a wedding entails many, many details and lots of decisions to make, it’s easy to make mistakes along the way… mistakes that may greatly affect your big day or worst… even ruin it.

So, it’s important that you know these mistakes and avoid them as you go through your planning process. Your wedding day is one of the biggest moments of your life, and it’s supposed to be as magical as you have imagined it to be. With our list, there will be nothing that can stop you from making your dream wedding come true!

Top 10 Mistakes Most People Make When Planning a Wedding

Top 10 Mistakes Most People Make When Planning a Wedding

1.Starting Even Before Setting a Budget

While it’s not the most romantic thing to do, you and your partner should sit down and agree on a budget that both of you are willing to spend for your wedding. If you don’t, it’s easy to fall in love with a venue, cake, and dress and then agree on a price, only to realize that you don’t have enough budget for anything else. So, avoid a lot of stress in the future and set your guidelines today.

2. Not Having a Plan B (Rain Plan)

If you are planning an outdoor wedding, it’s never enough that you just “hope” it won’t rain. Because as reliable weather forecasts are, anything can really happen! So, it is crucial that you have a Plan B and pay that 50% deposit for umbrellas and tents. And, even if you end up not using it, think of it as an investment for your peace of mind!

3. Thinking that Outdoor Events Means Less Cost

This is a common misconception. Just because you are choosing to set up outdoors does not mean you are paying less. Aside from the tent, you also have to rent bathrooms, lighting, generators, fans when it’s hot, heaters when it’s cold, and kitchen facilities too!

4. Buying Your Dress First

The first thing that you should focus on is your venue, your style, and theme, and only then should you purchase your dress.

5. Assuming Some of Your Guests will Say No

They say that 10% of the people you invite won’t attend. And, this number even goes higher when it’s a destination wedding. Remember, these are not definite and you shouldn’t count on these numbers. Don’t over-invite and keep your guest list within the capacity of your chosen venue.

6. Planning a Long Party

While you want your big day to last forever, don’t give your guests the same feeling. It’s can get pretty exciting to plan your wedding program and you may get tempted to include a lengthy ceremony, multi-course meal, hours and hours of dancing, pre-vow drinks, a fun after-party, and more. However, this isn’t a great idea and you’ll tire everyone out, including yourself.  So, stick with a 5-hour reception to make sure your guests can have fun and still exit happy.

7. Not Being Clear with Your Photographer

You might think that you’re cool with everything your photographer does and shots. And, you might give them the go signal to be free to capture the moments they think will be great. While this works, there’s just no guarantee that you’ll be pleased with the results. So, be as specific as you can with your photographer and be honest about your requests.

Top 10 Mistakes Most People Make When Planning a Wedding

8. Trying to Cut Down Cost by Not Hiring a Videographer

Wouldn’t it be great if you can relive your wedding day decades from now and see how it all worked out? Trust us, nothing compares to having your big day documented and watching it years from now!

9. Skipping the Hair and Makeup Trial

Save yourself the stress of thinking how you will look like on your actual wedding day by scheduling a trial session with your hair and makeup artist! Aside from making sure of how you would look like, you can also try out other looks during this time.

10. Worrying too Much

See, this is your wedding day. More importantly, it’s the day you get to marry the love of your life! So, don’t sweat on the small stuff and stop worrying about the centerpiece on table 9. Have fun and be in this once-in-a-lifetime (ideally) moment!  

It’s All About the Balance

Another mistake many brides make is that they become too relaxed throughout the planning process. Many pride themselves as the opposite of a bridezilla only to realize a week before the actual day that she missed some important elements of her wedding. So, As with everything else in life, make sure to put in the proper balance of worry and chill!  

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The Ultimate Guide to Feel Comfortable in Front of the Camera

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Importance of Feeling comfortable in front of the camera

Importance of Feeling Comfortable in Front of the Camera

Importance of Feeling Comfortable in Front of the Camera

Are you that type of person who hates being in front of the camera? Someone who just seems to act awkwardly when people start taking your photos? Well, don’t be afraid. You are not alone! Many of us just hate getting photographed while others feel more than that – they are afraid. But, no matter the reason, there will be a day that you need to face your fears.

And, one very concrete example of this particular day is your wedding! You can’t avoid having your photos taken as you walk down the aisle or as you are waiting for your bride. You can’t just look away when you have your first kiss or have your first dance as a couple. And, while you can choose to skip it, it would be such a waste if you can’t document how you got ready for your big day.

See, people will want to remember every special moment they have to spend with you. And, most importantly, you will want to remember yourself and how you looked like, the way you smiled, and how your eyes twinkled as you looked at the one you love. And, photos can do this for you… they give you a chance to relive a moment.

Now, surely you know how important getting your photos are and that you are ready to get in front of the camera. Maybe you just don’t know where to start? If that’s the case, then let us help you!

How to Feel Comfortable in Front of the Camera?

  • Find a place where you are comfortable at

Here’s the thing, you don’t want to get into a shooting session with your photographer at a place you’re nervous in, uncomfortable, or where you’re doubting yourself. So, choose a place where you don’t feel like everyone’s watching you. A place that you are familiar with is a great start.

  • Get to know your photographer

Before you start shooting with your photographer, it is best when you get familiar with each other first. During your first meeting, inform them how you feel when in front of the camera.

Your wedding photographer, given that you choose the right one, will assure you that you are in good hands. He will help you get the shots that you want without forcing you to follow his artistic vision. In addition, spend a few minutes just hanging out and talking with your photographer so you can feel more personal and less rushed. Remember, your photographer can help you feel better in your choice of location and they will know how to interact with you, so be honest with him.

  • Hold Something

Many people feel uneasy when posing for the camera because they don’t know where to put their hands in, what to do, and how it becomes natural-looking. But here’s the thing, the more you think about your hands, the more uncomfortable you become. To fix this and to stop thinking about how unnatural your hands look, hold something that feels normal to you. For example, a glass of wine, a cup of coffee, your phone, a hat, or maybe even a cigarette!

  • Move around

Deal with your jitters and move around as much as you want! You can jump around, do a few sit-ups, or just dance. Push your nervousness aside and get your heart rate up!

  • Take a break

If you start tensing up, ask your photographer for a break. Some signs that you need to stop posing for a while are gritting teeth, crossing your arms, your leg is bouncing, or you’re starting to force a smile.

Practice Makes Perfect

To feel comfortable in front of the camera, remember that practice makes perfect. This is the best and the easiest way to feel natural while posing for the camera. So, don’t let your wedding day be the last day you put yourself out there. Be in front of the camera as much as possible and you’ll feel more relaxed if you do it over and over again. It also helps if you take photos of yourself too! It doesn’t have to be perfect every time you take a shot. Plus, this way, you can find the best angle that works for you too! You can practice as much as you want and soon you’ll find yourself posing with your friends and loved ones in every special event you attend!

Indeed, as the old adage goes: Practice Makes Perfect!

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Benefits of Hiring Professional Photographers for Your Corporate Event

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Benefits Professional Photographers for Corporate Event

Having a corporate event is a great way to treat your employees and let them have fun. It is also a big opportunity for doing something special for shareholders. It’s a time where you can all just relax, sit back, and escape your daily schedule. And, you can just enjoy each other’s company, joke around, share stories and laughter with the same people who work hard with you towards success.

Now, in today’s time with the advanced easy-to-use cameras, high-end phones, and the title “photographer” quickly added to one’s name, it’s easy to assume that just about anyone can cover an event. It may be tempting to assign someone from your office to bring a camera and take photos or you may even leave that task to yourself. However, while this can be true for small birthdays and gatherings, it is not the case when it comes to throwing corporate events.

Why? Well, continue reading to know the importance of having the right people at your formal affair.

Why Hire Professionals?

Having professionals at a corporate event is essential when you want to document every important moment. Not only will a true professional be alert and ready to take shots at any minute, but he will also guarantee you the results you want and on time. In addition, by hiring professional photographers, you can show your partners, clients, or potential customers that you mean business.

So, whether you own or manage a business, or was asked to organize an event for your company, it is best that you leave the task of capturing picture-worthy moments to the experts. This is to make sure that you will have clear and steady shots to share with everyone who attended, to post on your social media accounts, or even use it as content material for your next campaign.

If you’re still not convinced, here’s our list of the top benefits of hiring professionals for your event.

Benefits of Professional Photographers at Your Next Big Event

  • They have the right gears for the job

No matter how hard a brand sells its “best camera” pitch, it’s still no match with professional cameras. And, seasoned photographers have invested a lot of money into their equipment. So, you can guarantee that they will have literally the best cameras out there – complete with a variety of lenses, tripods, and lighting gears that allows great results regardless of your venue and set time.

  • They can use the room well and work for the crowd

Many might know how to use a camera, set up the right lighting, and edit their work on software, but only a few understand how to shoot an event’s best moments without getting noticed. Professional photographers can take the shots they want without disturbing the flow of your event. And, they know which people to take photos of, what’s the best time to approach them and act with respect while doing so.

  • You can build your brand better

When your photos are taken by a pro photographer, you will have professional looking photos that appear as a cohesive group. These images will have a certain distinct look and when added with your logo or brand, you can use it for print, newspaper, magazine, website, brochures, or social media and share it with the world. You can use them to advertise your event or your company. No need for stock photos!

  • They are reliable

Professional photographers have years of experience. And, those years of covering different events and encountering different people have developed their skills and knowledge. This is why professionals are pricier than up-and-coming photographers – because they are ready for anything, making them extremely reliable especially for such an important event.

  • They have a strong working ethic and they are great in communicating

Professional photographers will ask you several questions upon getting to meet them, such as where you will be holding the event, how many guests, program list, etc. With these questions, they can prepare themselves and their gears in time. And, by knowing such important details, they will be able to take the best possible photos you can imagine.

The Bottomline

If you’re planning a corporate event, remember that the quality of your final photos will depend on the quality of your photographer. So, if you invest in a true professional who has tons of experience and who has built an incredible portfolio over the years, you can expect nothing but the best!

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Choosing A Wedding Photographer Is Not Very Difficult!

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Are you planning to have a wedding ceremony any time soon?
There are many things to consider when planning! You will note that most people would like their wedding ceremonies to look unique and most memorable of the normally look for great venues to hold their ceremonies. In addition, others usually hire DJ services in order to entertain the invitees.

However, how can you make your wedding ceremony more memorable? In this case, you should
hire a wedding photographer. You can be sure that this professional will be able to take quality photos of your wedding.

He or she will be able to take videos of your wedding ceremony. This can help you create memories in the future.
Your photographer of choice should feel all the emotions and become part of the
day. This can enable him to capture these emotions on camera.

There are many things that you should check when choosing this expert.


Would you like to get the value for your money? You should choose a reputable photographer. You will note that there are people who normally claim that they are wedding photographers but they do not have quality cameras. Such photographers are not reputable. Your photographer should be known to offer quality wedding photography services out there. He or she should have a local address that they will share with you. In addition, he or she
should be have a physical office or studio. Such photographers can be trusted
to offer quality services.

Availability of tools

This photographer should have quality cameras so that he or
she can take quality photos and videos. He should also have tripod stands where he can place the cameras when taking photos and videos. Nowadays, modern technology has made life easier and enjoyable. The good news is that there are many quality cameras out there. Some of these cameras are expensive but it is worth it. Your photographer of choice should have these cameras and other accessories that can make your wedding more memorable.

Skills and competence

There are some photographers who started offering their
services some weeks ago. However, there are some photographers who have been offering these services for many years. Such photographers can offer quality wedding photography services. This means they have gained more skills and competence in this area. You should ensure that this photographer has these
skills and competences. In addition, he or she should be knowledgeable in this field. This can assure you that you will get quality services.


Different photographers usually charge different prices.
Some of them usually charge higher than others. You should check your budget so that you can hire a professional whom you can manage to pay without digging deeper into your pockets. This can help you save more money in the long run. You
should choose a professional who normally charges reasonable prices to him or
her clients. If this professional have a website, you can check whether he has included the prices that he charges to his clients out there.

Ask for recommendations

Some people might prefer to choose photographers on their own.
This is a good idea but it can be time consuming. Sometimes, you might not get
the best photographer who can make your wedding ceremony memorable. You should therefore ask for recommendations. You can ask your friends to refer you to a
reliable photographer to work with. In addition, you can ask your relatives to

refer you to a photographer who is hired by many people out there. Nowadays, you can also check for reviews online before choosing a photographer for your wedding. This can still help you get a professional who can take quality photos and
videos in your wedding.


He or she should be available of the wedding day. In addition,
he or she should arrive in good time. This can enable him to take videos from them beginning of the ceremony. If this expert is not readily available, you can then choose another option. This can help you enjoy more convenience.

This expert should be aware of the current trends in photography.
This can make your wedding ceremony to look unique and trendy. You can ask him or her the number of wedding ceremonies that he has covered in the recent past. You can even ask him to provide the details of the customers whom he has served in the past. This can help you make the right decision. Choosing this photographer is not difficult. This might cost you some money but it is worth it. Consider
these ideas today and you will not get frustrated. This has worked well for
many people out there.