Tips For Photographers During A Hens Party

Are you preparing for a hens party in Melbourne? As a new photographer, you may be a bit nervous to do your very first huge wedding celebration, nonetheless, there are some tips you can make use of to make it less complicated. In this post, we will share ideas to make that huge bridal event a successful one!

A wedding shower is usually a huge part of a lady’s life, so they want to have some excellent photos at the event. For this, you may need some bridal shower photography ideas. There are some aspects of the wedding shower that you, as a professional photographer, should truly concentrate on.


Among the important things that you might intend to focus on is champagne. There is no actual celebration without it and to capture the feeling of the event, consider taking some shots of the bottle of sparkling wine as well as the sparkling wine glasses along with a good dish of fruits.

Another aspect to take into consideration pertaining to the photography tips for bridal showers is the flower arrangement. Most likely there will be flowers on the tables. Concentrate on them, yet make certain that in the background the rest of the setting is visible too.

The more shots you need to select from, the better. Simply bear in mind to load numerous memory cards with you so you don’t lack storage!


When it concerns the wedding shower photography ideas don’t ignore the focal points either. In case of bridal showers, these could have the type of a mini moment of the bride-to-be. Focus on the facial points to capture all of the emotion during this celebration.

Bear in mind regarding the wedding shower photography ideas that there is absolutely nothing even more intriguing than the bride. Make sure that you take a lot of pictures of her. Catch the moments when she expresses real feelings of pleasure or surprise to make the pictures look alive.

As you can see relating to the wedding shower digital photography ideas, all elements of the bridal shower are important and nothing must be skipped. Simply think about the important things that you would love to bear in mind about your wedding shower and you will understand what aspects to focus on throughout the event. Likewise consider the top priorities of the bride during this event.


Although the setting of the occasion may be interesting, do not neglect relating to the wedding shower photography ideas. The major emphasis needs to get on the participants too, and the naughty moments such as whenever a stripper dances in front of the ladies. Take some shots of the bridesmaids that show how fun this experience is for everyone. 

Also, understand if it’s a hens party, hens parties are extra sophisticated, organize a home with interesting decoration, including Five-o’clock tea and gifts. The aim of a wedding shower is to assist the bride to unwind as well as have a quality time with loved ones.

The bride is ‘showered’ with gifts and given well wishes!