The Ultimate Wedding Checklist

With the many tasks and details involved in planning a wedding, you can easily get overwhelmed and stressed. Having enough time to plan and sort out the tasks through a wedding timeline is crucial, plus, the job becomes fun and less stressful. When you decide to break down the preparations into a specific timeline, you are taking the planning process into manageable pieces which is far more effective. 

Scared you might miss out on something? Not to worry! I’ve listed the things that need to be accomplished before you walk down the pretty aisle. 

Set the budget

Before we dive into the details, you should always start with identifying the extent of your budget for the wedding that you want. You have to figure out who’s paying for what and determine your wedding’s salient-point. Break down your planned expense into priorities and set realistic expectations. 

Research available services in the market so that you can allocate your funds accordingly, it is always a good idea to use a detailed spreadsheet as this will help you keep track of your finances and adjust when necessary. 

Make the Guest List

You have to decide whether you can accommodate a large number of guests or if you prefer your wedding to be composed of people who are close to you and your partner. Take the time to sort through your guest list. Since there are prohibitions because of the pandemic, keeping your wedding intimate is the best option as of now. Identify the number of guests you can accommodate according to your budget. 

Decide on A Wedding Planner

Since planning a wedding is tedious, hiring a capable wedding planner can be a make or break decision. You and your partner have to decide whether you want to hire professional help to organize your wedding or if you have the ability to supervise the wedding on your own. If you decide on hiring a planner, conduct research on the output of the planners near you. 

Head for the Venue

There is a wedding! But where? It is important to choose the venue with thorough consideration. The location of your wedding affects the entire wedding, from the theme to the guests. Explore your options, visit places, and finally, select the best place that can fit your guest count. Throw out the pros and cons for every place you visit, this will help you decide rationally. 

Select your Catering Service

Your wedding should be the best and largest dinner party of your life. Decide on the best catering service that can accommodate your guest well and fit your preferences and budget. Don’t be afraid to get creative with the menu.

Select and Invite

At this time, you need to be energized and healthy. Starting from picking out the dress, refining the venue designs, completing the necessary paper works, choosing the gifts and cake, and giving out the invitations; your schedule will be fully packed. Let everyone officially know when and where you’re holding your wedding. This is also the time to choose and schedule for the bridesmaids’ dresses, identify the officiant for your ceremony as well as the musicians for the party, have the final tasting of the menu, agree on the design of the cakes, and finally, book the venue of the honeymoon. 

The Final Stretch

At this time, most of the preparations are nearly finished. It is finally time to focus on yourself and your partner. Take the time to freshen up before the big day. Try to keep yourself at ease. Replenish your energy, go to a spa, and pack your bags for the honeymoon. Go over the ceremony one last time and check the venue before the day of the wedding. Most of all, greet your wedding day with the brightest smile, after all, it is one of the most wonderful times of your lives as a couple. 

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