Top 5 Unique Ways to Walk Down Your Wedding Aisle In Style

It’s that one split second where you shine on your big day is your walk down the aisle. It’s the first time your guests and perhaps even your future partner will see you shining in your bridal gown, and it marks the very start of your marriage journey with your partner. It’s your wedding day!

Who started the tradition of walking down the aisle?

Well, this tradition goes back to the time of organised marriages, and the time that a lady kid was the property of her dad. When a match was agreed in between the seniors, and when the groom and/or his family agreed to handle the ‘ownership’ of his brand-new bride, they would likewise agree with her dad the payment of a dowry.

The modern alternative list in 2020

The majority of modern brides still select to reveal their love for their daddy in this method, more and more women are welcoming the right to offer themselves to their meant in their own special style and will make the walk up the aisle alone.

To an Untraditional Song

Most wedding songs generally fall under stunning symphonic music or obvious and cheesy love songs. You may be looking for something a bit more unique or naughty if you’re a couple who loves a laugh.

What do you fancy to be the funniest wedding event song? Is it, Bruno Mars or Lady Gaga?

Ride Down The Aisle With A Scooter

If you’ve ever seen anyone that likes to ride in style, well riding down the aisle with a horse is one thing – how about riding a motor scooter? Yep, you wouldn’t believe the modern style of 2020 enables you to do what you like, it’s your life really! So if you are looking to hire a scooter for your wedding day be sure to check our scooter hire Melbourne []

Wedding Reception with Vespa Scooters at Villa Mangiacane Tuscany

Walk Down The Aisle With Mum!

When brides-to-be’s are escorted down the aisle by their mums, it’s something that always brings a tear to the eye….It’s a terrific way to honour her if your mom raised you or the 2 of you are extra close. You can also include grandma if she played a big role in your life.

With Your Pet

Most Brides will still get their Father to walk them down the aisle. And I think it’s a lovely tradition where the Dad is symbolically handing his daughter over to the Groom. But in this modern day where couples live together before marriage, and both parents have equally raised their daughter, there is no reason that both parents can’t walk their daughter down the aisle.

If you want your cat or dog to walk you down the aisle, look it’s 2020 no one is really going to judge you in this day in age!

Out With The Old School, It’s 2020!

This is definitely inconclusive and each to their own. Traditions here are steeped in history, some good, and some bad… Things grow and change for and in 2020 we have never had an opportunity to do things like today! Weddings can literally be whatever you want them to be.

Let’s begin at the very beginning and make your grand entrance, the extremely first and one of the most crucial statements of your married life, exactly how you want it to be. Make it personal and make it special

And if or when they ever get married I would never just walk them down without my wife…